The RNFBC raises money for bursaries for students who are enrolled in basic, post-basic, re-entry and graduate education programs in nursing.  Each year RNFBC awards a significant amount to BC residents studying nursing at colleges and universities in BC and at out-of-province institutions.

Thank you for your interest in our bursaries. The application process is now open. Please remember that even if you were not successful in securing a bursary last year, do not let that deter you from making a new application in 2017.

Further your nursing career. Apply for a bursary from the RNFBC.

Our application process is now open. Click the Apply Now button. 

Our Available Bursaries

Our bursaries are divided into those available to Non-Registered Nurses or Registered Nurses or both and some have specific eligibility requirements while others have no specific requirements other than the basic criteria for all applications. Please take a few minutes to review them all.

Application Cycle + Process

The On-Line application process will close this year on September 15, 2017.

The 5 Step Application Process

  1. First, read the posted Information Package CAREFULLY to determine which bursaries you are qualified to apply for. This information can also be found here on our website.
  2. Gather together all the documentation you will be required to submit…please ensure that everything is in the format requested on the application form. Failure to submit your documentation in the correct format could result in your application being disqualified.
  3. Then complete the correct On-Line application form – there are two different forms, one for non-Registered Nurses (NRN) and the other for licenced Registered Nurses (RN). Please make sure that all required information is completed and attach ALL required documentation in the required format.  Mailed or faxed applications will not be accepted.  You must go through the On-Line application process.
  4. There is a $25 application fee and this may be paid either cheque or you can pay On-Line via PayPal. If someone else is paying your application fee, please make sure that they identify you as the applicant on the cheque i.e. “Application fee for Mary Smith”.
  5. Bursary winners will be selected in October and you will notified by email if you have been awarded a bursary. You will then receive your cheque/award letter/tax receipt by mid-December.  We are sorry but only the winners will contacted.

NB: Approximately 25% of applications are rejected because the application form is not properly completed, the documentation is incomplete or illegible or not in the correct format, or the application fee is not paid or cannot be processed.


Can I apply for more than one bursary?

Yes you can.  All applicants are eligible for any of the bursaries without specific qualifications in their particular category but if you applying to a bursary that does have requirements such as being a direct descendant or practicing in a particular area of expertise in order to be eligible, proof documentation MUST be supplied to be considered.

Review the criteria for each bursary and in particular those with specific criteria requirements and if you don’t meet those requirements, you will not be eligible.  Then, tick off all boxes beside all the bursaries for which you are eligible, and submit ONE application and ONE set of documentation ONLY.

What are the amounts of bursary awards?

The bursary awards vary each year but generally range from $1000 – $1200.

Can I apply for a bursary, if I am studying outside BC?

Yes, but only if you can provide documentation that you are a permanent resident of BC, i.e. a copy of your BC driver’s licence, BCID card or a utility bill.  If you are already an RN or RPN, you must include proof of current CRNBC or CRPNBC registration.

How are winners selected?

The Bursary Committee selects a winner from the eligible pool of applicants for each bursary by random draw in October each year.

Are bursaries based on financial need?

No, we believe that all applicants, by applying, have identified a financial need in their pursuit of higher education.  Each applicant must meet the basic criteria as identified in the Information Package and meet the additional criteria for specific bursaries as identified on the appropriate Application Form.

What is expected of me should I be awarded a Bursary?

One thing and one thing only….our RNFBC bursaries have been set up to help you with your nursing education and are a ‘gift’ and as with all gifts, you say thank you.  It is our expectation that upon receiving your bursary that you will take a little time to write a thank you to your donor letting them know just how their assistance will make a difference for you.  All your donor’s information will be included in your award letter.


How much is the Application Fee?

Your application fee is $25 and can be paid two ways….PayPal (on-line) and Cheques (by mail).  Cheques should be made payable to RNFBC and postmarked no later than September 15, 2017 to RNFBC, Attention:  Bursary Committee, 100 – 1450 Creekside Drive, Vancouver, BC  V6J 5B3.  IMPORTANT:  If the payment cheque is being made for you by another person, please ensure your full name is noted on the cheque.  You will be prompted during the application process to indicate your payment choice.

Documentation FAQ’s

Who is the signing officer?

Someone from either the Registrars’ office or Administration who will sign their name to a letter confirming you are a Nursing student in a Nursing program and will be going to school either full or part time during the 2017-2018 school year.  Usually you can request a form letter from your school admission office with all of this information.

What do I have to submit as proof of enrollment?

Print out and scan a copy of your current transcript and class schedule.  It will have to have your name student number and current address on it as well as the program of study.

For first year students, please provide a copy of your acceptance letter along with your class schedule.

My semesters are labeled as blocks or levels, how does this correspond with posted bursary dates?

Students are required to confirm using the above methods, i.e. letter form the admissions office or official transcript that they are currently attending classes during the bursary year.  RNFBC cannot confirm that a specific level or block is eligible as each institution uses different labels for each of their semesters.  As long as you are in school from September 2017 until March 2018 you fall within the bursary year.

Will a letter of good standing be sufficient or do I require further documentation?

RNFBC requires proof of enrolment that includes your name, dates attending and program of study, usually letters of standing do not provide that.  That proof must be signed by someone at the school who has the authority to confirm your information, someone from administration or the registrars’ office i.e. a signing officer.

Are bursaries retroactive, i.e. for courses already completed?

No, applicants must be attending the class or course within the academic year in which they are making their application and provide proof of registration.

Why do I have to give my Social Insurance Number?

Revenue Canada requires RNFBC to issue a T4A for your bursary award and to do, your SIN is required.  You may rest assured that our website and records are secure.

What do I need to supply as proof of being a nursing graduates’ descendent?

A photocopy of the graduate’s degree and a record of your relationship including marriage and birth certificates if possible.