RNFBC’s mission is to support BC nursing students to strengthen their skills through the pursuit of basic and advanced education, thereby enhancing the quality of nursing care provided to British Columbians. To achieve this, RNFBC raises money to provide bursaries to nursing students in all program levels. 

2023 Application Process:

The 2023 application process will open in early June. Interested nursing students at all levels should review all information below, and check back again in June 2023.   

Our standard award at the present time is $1000 and applicants who meet all criteria for any bursary have an equal chance of receiving an award.

Please remember that each year is treated on an individual basis so even if you have applied for and/or received a bursary in previous years, do not let that deter you from making a new application in other years.

Reminder: Some RNFBC bursaries are now open to students in LPN and RPN programs, and  to nurses enrolled in some specialty/ certificate programs offered through BCCNM or CNA.

Which Bursaries Can I Apply For?

Eligibility for bursaries is based on the type or program in which applicants are enrolled.  Some bursaries have very broad criteria while others have more restrictions.  Please take a few minutes to review the sections available to your program.  You can use the filter buttons to view only the bursaries that match your program level.

Bursaries for Which Eligibility Depends Only on Academic Program 
Some bursaries have restrictions according to level of study.  All complete applications will be considered for the following bursaries according to the level of study.  These will not appear on the application form.

Bursaries For Diploma Students:
If you are enrolled in a diploma nursing program, you are automatically considered for the following bursaries:

Green Bursary
Holmes Bursary
RNFBC Diploma Bursary
Willett Estate Bursary

Bursaries For Undergraduate Students: 
If you are enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program, you are automatically considered for the following bursaries:

American Woman’s Club of Vancouver Bursary
Green Bursary
Holmes Bursary
Kergin Baccalaureate Bursary
Lee Bell Ure Bursary
Lockridge Bursary
McIlraith Memorial Bursary
Publicover Bursary
RNABC Nursing Education
RNFBC Undergraduate Award
Willett Estate Bursary

Bursaries For Graduate Studies:
If you have an undergraduate nursing degree and are studying for a post graduate degree (Masters – Academic or Nurse Practitioner or Doctorate/PhD) you are automatically considered for the following bursaries:

Challenge Bursary
Grantham Bursary
Green Bursary
Holmes Bursary
Lockridge Bursary
Paulson – Code Bursary
Publicover Bursary
Willett Estate Bursary

Bursaries For Certificate Programs:
Applicants in these programs are automatically considered for the following bursaries:

Green Bursary
Holmes Bursary
Publicover Bursary
Willett Estate Bursary
Section B

Bursaries With Specific Eligibility Criteria – Select to Apply
In addition to the level-specific bursaries above, you may be eligible for bursaries with specific eligibility criteria. DO NOT APPLY FOR THEM if you do not meet the stated requirements; your application will not be reviewed.  If you fail to provide the requested documentation in the fields provided, you will not be considered for these bursaries.  Reviewers will not look for supporting information in other parts of your application. Qualification criteria are noted beside each bursary on the application or review on this website.

To apply for a specific bursary, you must click the box to check mark it.


1.   Applicants must be residents of British Columbia.
2.  Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
3.  Applicants must select only bursaries from the category(s) that matches the program level in which they are currently enrolled.
4.  Applicants must meet the specific eligibility requirements listed under each bursary.
5.  Applicants must have confirmed enrollment in any term within the 2022 calendar year and provide documentation to confirm.


For the purposes of the bursary application process, “nurse” is defined as:

  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP)​
  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN)


Eligible Certification programs include those offered via BCCNM and CNA.


Supported programs include a preparatory nursing education program or re-entry program to practice nursing in British Columbia *
• Graduate nursing programs (e.g. MN, MScN, NP, PhD).
• Nursing certification or specialty program provided it is not employer funded.
• Program of education approved by RNFBC BOD or Bursary Committee that advances professional nursing practice (e.g. health education, public health, community nursing, informatics, administration, health care leadership, and research).
• Program that is supported by RNFBC specific bursary criteria.

NB: Stand alone professional development education may not be supported unless it is within an official program that advances professional nursing practice. Programs and courses that are not described here will be reviewed by the RNFBC Bursary Committee for Bursary eligibility.
*The lists of preparatory programs recognized by BCCNM are available on the Study to be a Nurse page of their website


1. Bursaries are available at the Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate (Masters and PhD) and Certificate levels.

Please note that there are some bursaries that all applicants will qualify for provided you meet the eligibility requirements noted above. There are other bursaries you may be eligible for that have specific requirements. Before selecting any specific bursaries, carefully read the requirements. DO NOT APPLY if you cannot provide the requested documentation as your application will not be considered.


Applications must be completed and received on-line no later than midnight, September 15.  Applicants selected to receive bursaries will be notified in late September, and will be required to provide updated (ie documents dated after September 15) proof of enrollment or proof of graduation.

CLICK HERE to register and apply for 2022 RNFBC Bursaries


Applicants selected to receive bursaries will be required to provide a letter of good standing or proof of graduation in 2022.


Can I apply for more than one bursary?

Yes you can, as long as there are multiple bursaries available in your program category.

What are the amounts of bursary awards?

Almost all bursaries available are $1,000.

Can I apply for a bursary, if I am studying outside BC?

Yes, but only if you can provide documentation that you are a permanent resident of BC, i.e. a copy of your BC driver’s license, BCID card, a utility bill, correspondence from CRA or bank with your present address.

You will also be required to supply a copy of your current registration with BCCNM.

How are winners selected?

The Bursary Committee selects from applicants who meet all criteria for any bursary who then have an equal chance of receiving an award.

Are bursaries based on financial need?

Financial need is a consideration for only a very few bursaries.  A statement of financial need is required for those bursaries.

What is expected of me should I be awarded a Bursary?

You will be required to:

  • Sign an agreement
  • Provide a current letter of good standing
  • Inform RNFBC of any residential mailing address change that occurs prior to February of the following year
  • Submit a letter of thanks to the bursary donor.
  • Social insurance numbers are required by CRA

How much is the Application Fee?

Your application fee is $35 and must be paid on-line prior to starting your application.

RNFBC membership fees are separate from bursary application fees.

Application fees are non-refundable.

What documentation will be accepted as proof of BC residency?

To be eligible to apply, you must be a resident of BC.  Proof of that residency can include copies of a valid BC Drivers License, BCID card, a recent utility bill, correspondence from CRA or bank with your present address.  Passport and Permanent Residency copies will not be accepted as neither have your address.

Documentation FAQ’s

Who is the signing officer?

Someone from the Registrars’ office or Nursing School Director who signed their name to a letter confirming you are/or will be a student in their school’s Nursing program and you will be attending school either full or part time during the 2022 school year.  Most  schools also offer the option to download a confirmation of enrollment through your school email account.

What do I have to submit as proof of enrollment?

Most schools offer the option to download a confirmation of enrollment through your school email account.  It will have to have your name student number and current address on it as well as the program of study.

For first year students, please provide a copy of your acceptance letter along with your class schedule.

Please note that your initial acceptance letter will not be accepted if you are a second year + student.

My semesters are labeled as blocks or levels, how does this correspond with posted bursary dates?

Your documentation must be for the current calendar year.

Are bursaries retroactive, i.e. for courses already completed?

Bursaries provided in the fall are for the current calendar year.  If you graduated before the fall term, you must provide proof of that.  Otherwise you must provide proof that you are enrolled in the Fall term.

Will I be required to supply my Social Insurance Number?

Applicants are not asked for their Social Insurance Number.  Revenue Canada RNFBC is required to collect Social Insurance Numbers from bursary winners.  This personal data is kept confidential and secure.

What do I need to supply as proof of being descendant of a SON graduate??

You should upload a copy of the graduate’s degree and an explanation of your relationship, including marriage and birth certificates if available.