RNFBC’s mission is to support BC nursing students to strengthen their skills through the pursuit of basic and advanced education, thereby enhancing the quality of nursing care provided to British Columbians. To achieve this, RNFBC raises money to provide bursaries to nursing students in all program levels.


The deadline for 2023 bursary applications has now passed.  Bursary recipients will be contacted in early October.   
If you are interested in applying in 2024, the information below will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Our standard award at the present time is $1000. Applicants who meet the relevant criteria for any bursary are chosen at random, and each applicant has an equal chance of receiving an award.

Each year is treated on an individual basis, and we encourage you to apply every year you are enrolled in nursing studies, even if you have applied for and/or received a bursary in previous years.

You may apply for all bursaries for which you are eligible. However, please note that applicants cannot receive more than one bursary.


Completed applications must be received BEFORE midnight, Monday, September 18.


Applicants must:

  1. Be residents of British Columbia.
  2. Be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  3. Include any specific documentation that proves eligibility based on requirements listed.
  4. Provide documentation that confirms continuing enrolment or graduation in the current calendar year.  Applicants selected to receive bursaries will be notified by email, and will then be required to provide proof of current enrolment (ie in the Fall term) or graduation within the calendar year.


For the purposes of the bursary application process, “nurse” is defined as:

  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN)

Please Note: Some RNFBC bursaries are now open to students in LPN and RPN programs, and to nurses enrolled in some specialty/ certificate programs offered through BCCNM or CNA.


Bursary eligibility is based on the level of study and type of program in which you are enrolled. Some bursaries also have additional requirements based on the wishes of the donors that must be met in order to be eligible.

The application form will AUTOMATICALLY enroll you in the general bursaries for which you qualify based on your level of study. The application form will also present you with a list of the additional bursaries that have special requirements over and above your level of study for which you can apply. Please note that bursaries are drawn at random for anyone meeting the eligibility criteria.


Here are the general bursaries by level of study for which you will AUTOMATICALLY be enrolled. Please note that these will not appear on the application form.

Bursaries For Diploma Students:
  • Green Bursary
  • Holmes Bursary
  • RNFBC Diploma Bursary
  • Willett Estate Bursary
Bursaries For Undergraduate Students:
  • American Woman’s Club of Vancouver Bursary
  • Clark Woolfitt Bursary
  • Green Bursary
  • Holmes Bursary
  • Kergin Baccalaureate Bursary
  • Lee Bell Ure Bursary
  • Lockridge Bursary
  • McIlraith Memorial Bursary
  • Publicover Bursary
  • RNABC Nursing Education
  • RNFBC Undergraduate Award
  • Willett Estate Bursary
Bursaries For Graduate Studies:
  • Challenge Bursary
  • Grantham Bursary
  • Green Bursary
  • Holmes Bursary
  • Lockridge Bursary
  • Paulson – Code Bursary
  • Publicover Bursary
  • Willett Estate Bursary
Bursaries For Certificate Programs:
  • Green Bursary
  • Holmes Bursary
  • Publicover Bursary
  • Willett Estate Bursary


Supported programs include:

  • Preparatory nursing education program or re-entry program to practice nursing in British Columbia *
  • Graduate nursing programs (e.g. MN, MScN, NP, PhD).
  • Nursing certification programs:
  • Program of education that advances professional nursing practice (e.g. health education, public health, community nursing, informatics, administration, health care leadership, and research).

*The lists of preparatory programs recognized by BCCNM are available on the Study to be a Nurse page of their website.  
**Click the links to see the list of certificate programs  approved by BCCNM  and offered through CNA.

Please Note: Professional development education may not be supported unless it is within an official program that advances professional nursing practice. Programs and courses not described above will be reviewed by the RNFBC Bursary Committee for eligibility.


BURSARY Applications will open in July