Health care is a key priority with nurses playing a central role in delivering health care.
Nurses are well-educated professionals who are:

  1. Essential in caring for people who are ill or in need of care
  2. Supporting people in maintaining health in communities, homes, and facilities
  3. Providing support to and management of health care systems at all levels and in all environments.
No other health care professionals have such broad and far-reaching roles in the health care system.

Many areas of nursing practice require advanced education.  The financial commitment involved can cause individuals to postpone or even abandon pursuit of these qualifications.  The role of the Foundation is to support nurses in their education.

RNFBC donors make it possible for us to support education for the increasing numbers of nurses and nursing students that are needed to keep our health care system functioning.  Whether an individual or family donor, a corporation, or charitable foundation, we are proud to partner with those who share our passion.  Through their generous support of our commitment to the advancement of nursing practice and nursing education, we are able to continue and even increase the number of bursaries distributed annually.

Simply put, our donors build the Foundation that supports the future of health care.

The tiles below will help you to get to know many of our donors. We hope you will take some time to view their stories and perhaps become inspired to join them.