Why We Exist

The Registered Nurses Foundation of BC helps address some of the financial costs associated with nursing education for nurses and nursing students through the provision of bursaries. In doing so, we help alleviate some of the pressures on these nurses and the health care system and in these challenging times, this is increasingly important.

The demand for nurses is rising. Currently, on any given day in BC there are at least 1,000 nursing vacancies. These shortages mean the needed care that requires nursing support – such as surgical procedures, homecare, and mental health care services – get delayed or postponed.

With the aging of both the population and of nurses themselves, more new nurses will be needed to fill this gap as a person’s health care needs generally increase with age and as nurses reach retirement age.

The need to help educate new nurses and provide a higher level of education for current nurses has arguably never been greater.

Supporting better health care for today and tomorrow:

The RNFBC raises funds to support BC nurses and nursing students to strengthen their skills through the pursuit of basic and advanced education and enhance the quality of nursing care provided to British Columbia.

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