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To date, RNFBC Board members and “friends” of the Foundation have successfully built a $5 Million endowment fund. The interest earned from the 38 named bursaries that make up the investment portfolio allows the Foundation to offer cash bursaries each year to help support BC’s Registered Nurses in their nursing education.

Established as a charitable organization by the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia in 1979 and now the Registered Nurses Foundation of BC, the RNFBC mandate is to support all Registered Nurses of BC pursuing basic and advanced education. We do so by raising funds to allow the distribution of bursaries to qualified students. We are committed to the advancement of nursing practice and nursing education and strive to assist as many RNs and RN students as possible each year in their educational pursuits.

We support both entry-level (undergrad) education and advanced degrees such as Masters and PhD level programs focused on preparing practicing nurses for advanced roles like nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists; educators; and researchers.

There are 17 Nursing Programs in BC and all have wait lists. Unfortunately, their ability to increase enrollment is compromised by under-funding and a growing shortage of nurse educators.  We sincerely hope that our work in small part is helping to alleviate that shortage.

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Our Volunteer Board

Over the past 41 years, the Registered Nurses Foundation of BC has come to rely on the passion and expertise of our board.  This year is no exception!  Although from different backgrounds within the nursing community, whether working at present or retired, the common thread our volunteer board members have is their dedication to all the Foundation can offer the Registered Nurses of BC in their pursuit of educational nursing excellence.

Diane Clements, President

Employment: Retired

Former Life: Canadian Nurses Association, Director, Practice & Policy

Heather Mass, Past President

Employment: Retired, TOB Consultants with Sharon Toohey, former RNFBC President
Former Life: Chief of Nursing, BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Barb Lawrie, Treasurer, Chair, Audit & Finance Committee

Employment:  Retired
Former Life:  Vice President, Professional Practice & Chief Clinical Information Officer, VCH

Pat Semeniuk, Secretary

Employment: Independent Health Care Consultant
Former Life: Executive Director, Clinical Education & Management Development, Vancouver Coastal Health

Kelvin Britten, Chair, Bursary Committee

Employment:  Retired

Former Life: Regional Professional Practice Leader, Interior Health

Lorelei Gibson, Board Member

Employment: Practice Leader, Mental Health & Substance Use Network with Interior Health Authority

Diane Ready, Board Member

Employment: Retired
Former Life: Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA).

Debbie Blaney, Board Member

Employment: Retired

Former Life: Executive Director of Human Resources, Vancouver Costal Health

Anne Cameron, Board Member

Employment:  Lawyer with Carfra Lawton LLP Lawyers

Katie McLellan, Board Member

Employment: Registered Nurse, Interior Health Authority; Infection Control Practitioner; Infection Control Practitioner

About the RNFBC Logo

The RNFBC Logo is modeled on a traditional origami Crane which symbolizes peace and good health. It was then designed to represent the values of the profession of nursing. The shape, form, and colour of the Crane support the integration of symbols important to nursing history. The wings of the Crane symbolize the wings of the traditional nursing cap. The colour of its wings and body symbolizes traditional nursing uniforms which were white and blue. The wings of the crane also symbolize flight and as such integrate the wings of the caduceus. And as wings are designed for flight, the wings in the Logo symbolize RNFBC’s mandate and focus on supporting nurses so they may ‘take flight’ and pursue their education.