Season of Giving

Throughout the challenges of the last number of years, we are grateful nurses have continued to do their jobs, caring for us when we are at our most vulnerable. We are also grateful that there are many who continue to choose nursing as their profession. Since 1979, Registered Nurses Foundation of BC has financially supported those entering schools of nursing as well as those who require further education to meet the needs of a complex health care system.

This year, the Foundation received many more applications from RNs, LPNs and RPNs than we could support. Sadly, we have had to disappoint many qualified applicants.

We frequently hear about the nursing shortage and how it impacts the care that British Columbians need. The Foundation is committed to lessening this shortage through financial aid. Your support makes all the difference and provides hope for nurses.

Gaining a Master’s in Education was a vital step in my role of supporting the next generation of nurses as a Clinical Nurse Educator.  Pursuing further education while balancing work and family responsibilities is a choice faced by many nurses like myself.  I’m so grateful to have received a bursary from the RNFBC, which helped relieve the financial strains of education, allowing me to focus on my studies, family, and work.  

Cathy – 2017 RNFBC Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association Bursary recipient

You can help this holiday season.

More nurses like Cathy need our support. Help us grow our awards to help more students and offer them more than our standard award of $1,000 – an amount that has not changed in decades. We invite you to make your tax-deductible donation of $100 or $250 or any amount you can before year end. We are also pleased to speak with you about establishing a named award and other ways to contribute such as including the RNFBC in your will. Donating however you choose is such a welcome way to say thank-you to a nurse in BC.

Make your one-time or monthly gift today securely on-line indicating Holiday Gift in the Campaign field. If you would prefer to make your donation by cheque, mail it to: RNFBC, 9 Foxwood Drive, Port Moody, BC, V3H 4X3.

All of us on the Board of Directors wish you a healthy and happy holiday season.

With thanks,

Pat Semeniuk
President,  Board of Directors


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Remembering Military Nurses

On this day of remembrance, RNFBC pays tribute to the many nurses who have gone to war. The BC History of Nursing Society wrote of BC nurses who served in World War I, pointing out that 54 Vancouver General Hospital grads alone enlisted.

In World War II 4,480 Canadian nurses served in the military as Nursing Sisters.

Learn more about the remarkable nurses who stepped up to care for the sick and wounded.

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Thanksgiving Message

To our nurses:

While we are all snug at home enjoying family, friends and the delicious aroma of Thanksgiving cooking, many of you are working diligently to make sure our loved ones are cared for.

On this day of giving thanks, all of us at RNFBC wish to take a moment to recognize all of you who are working on this holiday. We also hope that all those who are, or have loved ones who are receiving care on this holiday, will take also time to recognize and thank the nurses caring for themselves or their family.

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Thank You!

As we enter the fall academic season, RNFBC would like to give a shout out to all the people and organizations that are so important to health care in British Columbia.  First, we wish to recognize our nurse educators who work very hard to instill knowledge and skills into  our future generation of nurses.   We are also very thankful for all the students who have chosen to enter the nursing profession and who will be at our bedsides, in our homes and in the many other places nurses work to help meet our health care needs.

We are also especially thankful to all the donors whose support makes it possible for the RNFBC to provide bursaries for nursing students at all levels of learning.  The Foundation has committed to a minimum of $200,000 in financial support to student nurses annually and we truly appreciate the continued support from all of you who help to make this happen.

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Support Nurses

Nurses need our support.  This year, we have seen a record number of applicants for the RNFRBC bursaries.  We expect to support between 200 – 230 nursing students.

While we commit to a minimum of $200,000 in funding each year, reaching this goal can be challenging.

Who has not needed a nurse?  Nurses play an essential role in society today by being advocates for health promotion, educating the public and patients on preventing injury and illnesses, participating in rehabilitation, and providing care and support.

RNFBC is calling on everyone to help us ensure we can support and train as many new nurses as possible.

Please DONATE NOW to help us help provide financial support to student nurses.

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Back to School

September is traditionally back to school for many students. For those aspiring to be nurses it may be their first term in an RN, LPN or RPN education program or continuing in their second or third year on their way to entering nursing practice. For others already licensed it may mean advancing their nursing practice through education to improve the health care of British Columbians of all ages and in all settings and practices.

To all those students we thank you for choosing nursing as your career – one of the noblest of professions and we wish you well in your studies and career.

To donors – your contributions help to support these nurses enter the profession and advance their practice. Thank you for your contributions to date and we look forward to your continuing contributions.

Pat Semeniuk

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I am inspired to be a nurse

I am a first-year student in the University of British Columbia’s accelerated nursing program. I am beyond grateful for the bursary as it will help to alleviate some financial stress. I am honoured to receive this award in honour of the two nurses Clarice Lee and Katherine Ure, and Wesley Bell who received great care from his nurses. Not only is the bursary a relief financially to help me to pay for tuition, but also inspires me to continue down this road and work hard to become a competent nurse who can make a difference in people’s lives. My time in nursing school so far I have seen the large impacts that I can make on others as a nurse, and I am thrilled
to be a part of a profession that is so vitally important. I couldn’t thank you enough for this gift, I appreciate it wholeheartedly and I am inspired to be a nurse as dedicated and distinguished as both Clarice and Katherine and the nurses who lovingly cared for Wesley.

Thank you for creating this bursary, I am so grateful.

MacKenzie Hollett

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Pursue Your Dreams

To the donors of Agnes M. Publicover:

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for your kindness that I was chosen to receive your generosity. I am a second-year student in the Baccalaureate Nursing Program at Vancouver Community College. In 2010, I moved to Canada from the Philippines to seek better career opportunities. Since then, Canada has been lovely to me and has become my home. In my first few years, I worked in different customer service positions and met people from different walks of life. Many of these people are nurses and became my friends. These friends shared their experiences as nurses, and I was amazed how much dedication they put into their work to provide care and safety to their patients. Fast forward, they influenced me to consider nursing as a career, but before that, I started becoming a health care aide for five years until I decided that I could do more and extend my passion for nursing.

It has never been easy being in the program during this pandemic. As a full-time student and knowing that the program is intense and time demanding, working alongside is a big challenge to make ends meet. I am so grateful that an organization like you extends support for us nursing students in pursuing our dreams to help others. The bursary you give helps us to continue in the journey of our nursing program.

Again, I would like to thank you for your generosity. Thank you for inspiring me to continue my nursing journey, and I promise to give back to other future nurses when my time comes.

Sincerely yours,

Christian Rayo

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Goal: Public Health Nursing

I am writing to express my immense gratitude for the financial support that you have provided to me through the St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Alumnae Bursary. I was thrilled when I learned I had been chosen for this bursary for the fourth year in a row. I am truly and utterly grateful.

I am currently in my fourth and final year of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Vancouver Island University and am about to start my final preceptorship. I will be practicing at the Ts’ewulhtun Health Centre in the Cowichan Valley in order to pursue my strong passion for Public Health Nursing and empowering people in my hometown to live healthy lives.

I am proud to be following my grandma’s footsteps and starting my nursing journey exactly 60 years after she did. My grandma (Anita McDonald) has influenced me throughout my entire life and has taught me to persevere when facing adversity. I am beyond proud to be taking after her and to be continuing her legacy. As I prepare for my graduation and pinning ceremony, I reflect on how meaningful it is for me to follow my grandma and become an RN. I was given her St. Joseph’s Nursing School graduation pin and she intends to place it on me during my own pinning ceremony. I cannot begin to express how much of an honour it is to be continuing her legacy and carrying on the St. Joseph’s name.

The pandemic has made nursing school an even more difficult process than it already is and has caused a lot of financial stress. The funds from this bursary have helped me immensely by providing some peace of mind, allowing me to focus on my studies. This has brought me one step closer to graduating and becoming an RN. Thank you again for your incredible generosity and support.


Savanna McDonald

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Pay It Forward


I am a second year student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna.! I am very grateful for the bursary provided through RNFBC.

Like many others, I have found it challenging to fund my education. This is even more difficult as a mature student, putting myself through school. Thank you very much for your generous #inancial support. It came at just the right time and really helped encourage me in my educational journey. I really appreciate your support in helping me reach my goal of becoming a nurse.! The nurses who founded this bursary have made me feel that I belong to a community of professionals who recognize the importance of nursing, and are willing to pay it forward to the next generation.!

Thank you again for creating the RNABC Educational Bursary.! I am very grateful for this gift.

Kevin Wittenberg

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